We are pleased to show our demonstration of the new H.264 DVR. This demonstration will show the speed and quality of each DVR along with quality of picture and ease of it's use. This demonstration also shows our current camera lineup. Unfortunately, not all cameras can be demonstrated but we did try to show the most popular. Be sure to view this demonstration at different times of the day as each camera will show different pictures from day to night.

Live Demonstration



Username: demo
Password: 1234



Demo Tips

Smart phones & tablets

  • iPhone
    • SuperCam (Free)
      • Live only
      • One server
    • SuperCam Pro (Paid)
      • All functions
      • Unlimited severs
      • Can view full screen holding phone sideways

  • iPad
    • SuperCamHD (Paid)
      • All functions
      • Unlimited severs

  • Android Phone
  • Android Pad
  • BlackBerry


Using Internet Explorer

If Windows Internet Explorer blocks the ActiveX plug...

  • Click <Tools>, <Internet Options>, <Security>
    Under Internet zone click <Custom level>

  • Scroll down to <ActiveX controls and plug-ins> then further down to
    <Download unassigned ActiveX controls>

  • Click <Prompt> then click <OK> all the way out.

  • IMPORTANT: Close the browser, then reopen browser and start demo again.


Using Safari

The Current demo can only be run in Safari using 32-bit mode.

  • Right click on the Safari icon and click "Show in Finder"
  • Right click on the Safari in Finder and click "Get Info"
  • Check the option for "Open in 32-bit mode"
  • Now open our demo again and install the WebkitPlugin

For a PDF file of the instructions please <click here>.