These are some of the accessories that make your surveillance system easier to connect and use.

Internet Package
When designing your surveillance system ask about our Internet package. This option lets us configure your network that allows the DVR to be viewed online from a remote location.
Hard Drive
You have many options when choosing your DVR and the length of record time will be one of your biggest decisions. Ask our layout designer about which hard drive you will need to retain the images for the length of time you request. You may also calculate this for yourself using our online calculator.

Power Supply
Our designers will pick the appropriate power supply for your camera layout. You may wish to upgrade the chosen power supply to allow for additional cameras. Make sure you discuss your power supply options with our layout designer.


DVR Remote Control
Additional remote controls may be required if your home has a house link that allows control from any room.

Expansion Bays
If you require a great amount of time to be recorded then this hard drive expansion bay is your answer. These expansion bays can be chained together to allow for up to 40Tb of hard drives. With this accessory and correct settings you could record, 24 hours a day, for over a year.